We offer the most inclusive technology service available.

We provide an entire IT department, from CTO consulting to support and engineering,
for a flat monthly fee that’s typically less than the cost of a single employee.

Why Outsource to Masiteq?

We Offer Quality-Assured Onshore Services at Offshore Prices
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Reduce Your Costs

Gain control over your operational and labor costs and save significant resources with Masiteq.

Save Valuable Time

Masiteq gives you the ability to focus on your core business processes and important tasks.

Gain Priceless Resources

With Masiteq you gain access to new world class capabilities and invaluable human resources.

Expand To New Markets

When you partner with Masiteq you can expand and gain access to new market areas and offerings.

As A Managed IT Service Provider We Offer:

Why Choose Masiteq

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Industry Leader

Masiteq is reshaping the way Managed Services is delivered with agility, flexibility & laser fast response.

Innovative Pricing

Masiteq's incredibly innovative pricing structure encompasses 'Onshore Services with Offshore Prices'.

Quick Turnaround

Masiteq moves from proposal to execution much faster than traditional consulting service providers.

Flexible & Scalable

Masiteq has a unique local ownership model that allows for quick decision making for our client's benefit.

IT Services Certifications and Partnerships